What we do

At codeloop.eu, we have a great team of experts building top-quality applications with fantastic design.

Modern technologies and best programming practices

Our front-end and back-end developers build robust web and mobile applications using the latest technologies and best programming practices. Thanks to our experience in all stages of software development we can provide you with solid and well-tested apps.
We use agile approach to ensure flexible response to changes in the project and full transparency with our clients.

UX & Design
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence

Estimation, design, implementation and release

We know how important it is to quickly move from having an idea of a product to actually launching it to the market, especially for start-ups. We will make sure you get a well-tested product with great code and fantastic design, that is released on time.
Thanks to agile approach you will have insight and real influence on the shape your product is taking at all times. This way we can respond to changes early on, which will save you from large and costly modifications.


Your good old system fully operational in modern world

We know apps often depend on external services and have to interact with them smoothly. Existing systems require constant work, to remain up to date with changes in the surrounding them environment.
Limitations coming from outdated architecture of your system can be much more expensive than adapting it to take the most of currently available solutions.

Scale up your team with experienced developers

Employing right specialists is a difficult and expensive process resulting in a long commitment. Forming an integrated team out of them is even more difficult and time consuming. If you need skilled developers to work on your project right away, you could hire our team that is already well-integrated and experienced. It will save you both time and money, while ensuring the best outcome.

Team extension
Team augmentation
Remote team

How we do it

Nowadays, moving quickly from an idea to a release of a working MVP is a key for success of a whole project. Agile software development is the best way to build a product that is best tailored to client expectations and current market.

48 hoursKick-off48 hours


main goals, estimation, design UI & UX, technologies, client feedback



technical execution, testing, constant client feedback

MVP release


release of product with core functionality, client & user feedback

Further development


product functionality incrementation, support, client & user feedback

Technologies we use

We choose the best technology stack individually for each project. These are the technologies of our first choice, but if your project requires use of a different technology, it’s not a limitation for us.

List of technologies List of technologies

... and more!

About us

At codeloop.eu, we use agile project management, best programming practices and reliable new technologies to make sure your project succeeds in a long run.

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We believe high quality code and full transparency with client lead to the most successful projects in IT.

Here's what they say
about us

Marek Paruzel


Thanks to transparent cooperation and continuous contact with codeloop.eu we could quickly verify our initial idea and modify it on early stage of production. We highly recommend them!

Jakub Żygalski


They are a very reliable and motivated team with great designing and development skills. We are very happy with the final product and we sincerely recommend codeloop.eu.

Jan Kowol


In the last couple of years we’ve worked with codeloop.eu on a couple of projects. Thanks to their experience and commitment our work is now supported with the latest technologies. We are very pleased with the outcome!

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